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About us
Immunotherapy MX

Treatments specialized in adoptive immunotherapy against autoimmune diseases.

We are the first to bring to Mexico the alternative treatment of first choice internationally. The adaptive immunotherapy of the immune system whose discovery earned them the Nobel prize in medicine for its discoverers in 2011.


To be a company that provides quality services and always in search of a better quality of life with human dignity for our patients, committed to offering our patients optimal solutions for their health and providing quality services with warmth.


To be the medical unit that offers options and solutions to the needs of our patients, with a team of doctors and competitive biologists, avant-garde technology and adequate facilities. To be the unit of first choice for our patients and in conjunction with our partners to be the alternative that provides security to our patients.


  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Service spirit
  • Quality
  • Equality
  • Common benefit
  • Leadership
  • Continuous improvement

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Immunotherapy MX

This therapy consists of preparing the immune system in optimal conditions, this type of treatment only attacks and destroys cells, does not damage normal cells; nor the immune system on the contrary stimulates the cells of the immune system to make them stronger and specialized in detecting and destroying cells; therefore patients never feel aggressive side effects improving their quality of life every day.

Currently, the success of this therapy is due to the great scientific support generated during decades. Adoptive immunotherapy against tumors is establishing itself as an effective treatment of first choice when chemotherapy and radiation and are not effective.