Plasmatic exchange


Spare Our body is made to process food and eliminate the waste that results from the metabolism of these in addition to eliminating the waste of their metabolic functions in general. Unfortunately our foods are no longer so clean or pure and are full of contaminants such as heavy metals, fertilizers etc. to contain synthetic and semi-synthetic hormonal elements which hinder its elimination or in the worst case is not eliminated and being circulating in our body they begin to obstruct our natural filters such as liver, kidney, lung etc. and for this reason, when the filters are clogged, it leads to organic faults, both due to the lack of filtration and not to eliminate certain contaminants. This innovative technique consists of a medical equipment of last generation and a filter with nanotechnology that is responsible for the extraction of heavy metals, toxins, pollutants ingested, drugs (cocaine, amphetamines, etc.) antibodies, cholesterol and other lipids. with the passage of time our body becomes a biological dump. Even our children at an early age and the wide variety of chemicals and contaminants found in their food leads them to present diseases of an adult age. It is not necessary to be sick to have the benefits of this innovative filtration process worldwide. Remember that we perform the service to our car to prevent a failure and have a car in good condition and durable, this filtration method performs exactly the same in our body … prevention through the elimination of those harmful wastes that by their characteristics Chemicals are no longer eliminated naturally.


As indicated by Dr. Fernando Anaya in his book ‘Therapeutic apheresis based on evidence’, “therapeutic apheresis is the current scientific and selective application of the oldest therapeutic modality of humanity, the sangrias. These originated in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, persisted during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and lasted until the Second Industrial Revolution.

The main aim of therapeutic apheresis is the extraction and elimination of plasma from those components considered to be responsible for a disease or its clinical manifestations. Represents, along with pharmacology and surgery, a therapeutic alternative aimed primarily at the treatment of certain diseases where conventional treatment has not obtained the desired response or has failed. “

We can say then that plasmapheresis is a process of purification of the blood, it is a manipulation of the body to separate the liquid part of the blood, the plasma, which can contain toxic substances, viruses and bacteria that can contribute to the appearance of certain pathologies, or that are the result of certain health conditions.

In current clinical practice we find indications with a high degree of recommendation and evidence in hematological, rheumatic, metabolic, neurological, renal specialties, …

In Russia, the country of origin of the Hemofenix technology used by Samuran for the development of its health proposal, there are treatment standards for 238 nosologies, and there are procedures regulated and confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation for the Therapeutic treatment of 69 diseases by plasmapheresis, both in adult patients and in children.

Plasmapheresis is also used to treat animal pathologies, as well as a system for obtaining and donating plasma.


In contrast to traditional plasmapheresis systems by centrifugation, the Hemofenix device uses a nanofiltration system to perform the plasma separation process. Estate technology prevents any type of trauma to blood cells.

The volume of extra corporeal blood during the performance of plasmapheresis therapy using the Hemofenix system is approximately 70 ml, which not only limits the risks in patients, it can also be applied in children, even in neonates, as well as in patients with symptoms of weakness such as the case of elderly people.

Access to the bloodstream is through a single line through a vein

peripheral. The process is absolutely automatic, absolutely safe. Throughout the procedure, the system offers information about the evolution of the process and about the patient’s conditions.

Advantages of the device

  • Versatility: the device can be used both for therapeutic treatment and for plasma donation.
  • The operation with a single access needle minimizes the trauma in the veins.
  • Portability: its small size and ease of use allows ambulatory use.

Main features of the Hemofenix device

  • Filtration capacity: up to 100 ml / min.
  • Volume of plasma obtained: up to 1,000 ml / hour.
  • Automatic dosage of anticoagulant.
  • Continuous work time: more than 10 hours
  • Weight: 15 kg.
  • Dimensions: 450x320x120 mm.
  • Power consumption: <70 W.h
  • Automatic operation and electronic diagnosis

The plasmapheresis procedure using Hemofenix membrane uses the sterile and disposable PFM-01-TT plasma filter.

The membrane is formed by layers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) of approximate thicknesses of 10 μm and pores of 0.4 μm in diameter.

The filter is designed to be used in membrane plasmapheresis procedures as a key element in the treatment of detoxification in chronic and acute diseases, as well as to obtain plasma.

Prepared to be used in Health Centers, in Transfusion and Plasma care centers, Ambulatory Services and Emergency Medicine, the recommended temperature of use is between 18ºC and 35ºC.

The pre-filled volume of the blood chambers of the filter is 20 ml.

The Rosa kit incorporates all the necessary elements to perform plasmapheresis therapy: the Rosa plasma filter, the blood circuit and the intravenous catheter.

Advantages of the plasma filter

  • Great reliability and high performance.
  • Enclosure of rigid and protected filter, ensures a stable filtration process.
  • Erythrocyte passage excluded.
  • The formed elements of the blood do not suffer any damage.
  • It complies with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission and the Committee of Public Health of the Council of Europe.

Main characteristics of the pink plasma filter

  • Capacity of separation of plasma in the filtration process superior to 15 ml / min.
  • Volume of filling less than 20 ml.
  • Weight: 100 mg.
  • Dimensions: 85x85x35 mm.

A long and
healthy life

According to the WHO, due to the increase in life expectancy and the decline in the fertility rate, the proportion of people over 60 is increasing more rapidly than any other age group in almost all countries. The aging of the population can be considered a success of public health policies and socio-economic development, but it also constitutes a challenge for society, which must adapt to this in order to improve the health and functional capacity of older people as well as as their social participation and their security.


It is a continuous, heterogeneous, universal and irreversible process that determines the ability of progressive adaptation of living beings to the environment.

It begins at the moment when the organism reaches its maximum functional capacity and transforms the healthy individual into a fragile individual. There is a progressive decrease in the physiological reserve in most organs and systems and increases vulnerability to diseases that inevitably leads to death.

Aging, today, is irreversible, but there are different aging models:

  • Satisfactory: with health, without diseases or disabilities.
  • Pathological: with chronic progressive and disabling disease.
  • Usual: with greater or lesser degree of vulnerability, effect of chronic diseases, and functional repercussion.
    It is estimated that the genetic load accounts for 25% of the relative weight among the factors that affect the longevity of the individual. Today is a line on which we have very little capacity for action.

However, 75% of the responsibility in aging rests on variables related to the factors on which we have direct action capacity, such as life habits, nutrition or physical exercise, and factors on which we have the capacity of relative performance, as are the environmental factors of the place where we live, access to health, …

• Theory of organic deterioration

• Theory of the weakening of the system


• Theory of stress

Biochemical and


• Theory of product accumulation

of waste

• Cell aging theory

• Theory of oxygen free radicals

• Theory of Burger collagen

• Theory of error accumulation

• Theory of genetic programming

• Theory of activity

• Theory of continuity

The theory of the weakening of the immune system or immunobiological theory,

explains the aging from the point of view of the deterioration of the immune system, since in the same one it has been observed a diminution of the capacity of the cells of defense to produce antibodies, with the consequent diminution of the immune answer of the organisms in front of the external agents.

The theory of the accumulation of waste products implies that the process of life involves the production of waste and its elimination by normal processes. Some theorists believe that old age is accompanied by a decrease in the elimination capacity, followed by an accumulation of waste that impairs normal cellular activity.

John Glenn,
his last space trip with 77 years.

Samuran, plasmapheresis with membrane filter and aging process.

Project Iuvenalis.

In relation to the theories of aging on which the scientific community works today, Samuran is developing scientific research projects that allow to demonstrate the positive effect that the periodic practice, and under medical supervision, of plasmapheresis procedures with membrane filter has about aging processes.

Based on the scientific and clinical activity developed in the Medical Community of the Russian Federation, both in the public and private spheres, practical and positive evidence regarding the aging process has been determined through the practice of plasmapheresis controlled procedures. using Hemofenix technology.

  • Rapid extraction of toxic substances contained in the blood. In this case, plasmapheresis with membrane filter is the decisive method to extract the significant factor in a certain pathology, favoring the inverse development of the pathological process.
  • Rapidly reduce the content of pathological factors or cells in the blood as primary therapy in the presence of a disease (for example, it is applied in the fight against paraproteinaemic hemoblastosis and leukosis)
  • Extract residual factors in cases in which the disease is under control or its progression has stopped, but there are risks of complications due to pathological substances circulating in the blood.
    The aim of Samuran is to work on the identification of key markers in the fight against aging and its activation through a set of therapeutic and nutritional practices catalyzed by Hemofenix technology that help us achieve a healthy, active and productive old age.

and aging

The predetermined biological duration of human life could reach 110 years, although there is some data suggesting that it could reach 150 years. However, reality tells us that the average human life barely reaches half the expectation.

Only 65% of the population reaches 80 years, 90% does not reach 90 years, and very few exceed the centenary. But why, for some, advanced age reaches 65 while others reach 90?

What is the basis of aging?

Many authors who address these issues only point to the contamination of the whole life of the body, its self-intoxication throughout life.

But what are the mechanisms of subsequent disorders? What makes the immune system, our main guardian of health, to be so closely linked to the quality of life?

Aging is accompanied by certain changes in the immune system. Among others, they affect all its components, stem cells, T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, macrophages. Already since childhood, the “thymus clock” begins to gradually decrease, which is observed as the lower proliferative activity of the cells!, Making the body more susceptible to infections and malignant tumors.

An elderly person is, in fact, increasingly vulnerable to infections, leading causes of death. Respiratory infections and pyelonephritis are particularly frequent. With age, higher rates are also observed for a number of other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, tumors, diabetes and dementia. These changes that take place in the body are often diagnosed as “age-related” or “normal for this time.”

Immunodeficiency involves a less rigorous control of abnormal mitoses, cell divisions and the formation of tumor cells. The consequences of immunodeficiency are clearly demonstrated by the viral acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, AIDS. AIDS sufferers die from any infection or malignant tumors. Age-related immunodeficiency differs from this analogue, AIDS, only in the scale of immunity disorders, while the underlying principles are the same.

The function of the immune system depends on the versatility of the human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) receptors. Advanced age means that the lower generation capacities of the thymus and bone marrow are combined with antigenic stimulation.

Antinuclear antibodies are a common finding. Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies are often observed, causing autoimmune thyroiditis with decreased thyroid function. Even senile dementia is a consequence of the production of autoantibodies by the central elements of the nervous system.

The state of liver parenchyma in elderly people has been drawing special attention in recent years. Liver size, blood flow intensity and hepatic perfusion decrease between 30% and 40% between the third and fourth decade of life. the rate of incidence of hepatitis C virus also increases from 10% in people under 35 years to 42% in those over 60 years.

It can be concluded that alterations in certain components of the immune system of the elderly give rise to a whole range of symptoms: delayed reactions, stiffness, lack of motor coordination, lack of memory, muscle weakness, etc.

This is how the image of homeostatic disorders that lead to premature aging becomes clearer and clearer. These vicious circles of interdependent disturbances can only be broken by the timely elimination of all the pathological products of the body.

The only effective way

It is plasmapheresis.

The next question is, when should this treatment be started? Should we wait until the symptoms of aging manifest or should we prevent them from developing? Naturally, the latter.

Timely primary prevention of the disease will also serve as a primary prophylaxis for premature aging. The cornerstone of this prophylaxis is plasmapheresis, which aims to eliminate what is already evident and what has not yet been demonstrated.

This measure can be indicated at any age, when there are symptoms that suggest an abnormal state of health: early fatigue; unusual sensations or dull pain in the joints or other parts of the body; abnormal appearance of the sclera, hair or nails, wrinkles on the skin of the face or hand; memory disorders; changes in gait, flexibility or motor coordination; impotence; and so on.

One of the manifestations of the involution of the female body is the climacteric syndrome. This period of reconditioning of the hormonal state produces a series of specific symptoms of the climacteric – hot flushes, sensation of heat, excessive sweating, irritability – that worsen the woman’s well-being and quality of life for quite some time. The dysfunction not only affects the ovaries, also other endocrine glands such as the thyroid.

When conventional therapeutic measures are useless, plasmapheresis can rapidly eliminate the symptoms mentioned above, especially in climacteric syndrome, when these symptoms are volatile and there are no pronounced psychovegetative disorders.