When I got here, it was the only treatment that helped me...

Leticia Hernández León

Immunotherapy treatment

The insurance evicted me and they told me they could not do anything, a daughter-in-law contacted me with Dr. Ernesto Romero.

Patricia Cruz Gutiérrez

Immunotherapy treatment

Since a couple of years I had trouble walking and pain in my hands, climb stair, every drive my car. I got a treatment with...

Joseph Lavoie, 55

Anti-aging Treatment

Vivo en Los Angeles California, yo fui diagnosticada con Lupus en Octubre del 2012, tambien me diagnosticaron con otras enfermedades como chock plains y condiciones pulmonares...

Elizabeth Escalante, 28


At 71 I was in radiation and chemotherapy. Doctor diagnosis me pulmonary fibrosis and cardiomegaly, I was in several treatment, I was using oxygen...

María Teresa Hernández Andrade, 75

Pulmonary Fibrosis and Cardiomegaly

A very good friend of mine, recommend that I come here, I think because of the incredible health changes that he coming and been here with the doctor.

Jeannine Fuller, 56


Im from Vancouver, Canada. Im came here to Mexico not feeling very well at all and ran to a friend who knew the doctor and I told him that I had the Polycystic Kidney Disease...

Bruce Smith, 61

Polycystic Kidney Disease

I just to run my own business in Vancouver, Canada, for 35 years, and just recently retired. I first came to the clinic in 2014 in December, the reason I came here was...

Bruce Smith, 64

Polycystic Kidney Disease